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meet 2018 Vt artist-to-watch, rodrigo nava

Sat, Aug 25 from 5-7 PM at stART Space

"My work is rooted in a continual exploration of sculptural form as well as a commitment to process-oriented art. My most recent series consists of large closed steel forms that are expanded using a controlled explosion. This series is the result of a persistent need to continue the dialogue of contemporary sculpture. In order to do this, I have developed a unique and new process that allows me to create nonrepresentational sculptures that are the pure authentic result of the relationship between material, process, artists and viewer. These are not sculpture fabricated to look like they are "inflated". It is the process that gives volume to the object and creates the sculpture. When I expand my work, I am attempting to dismantle my tie to an object by allowing it to become its own object. These are the remnants of a real experience."

5:00 – 5:30  Wine and Cheese Welcome Reception

5:30 – 6:15  Artist Presentation and Installation Walk-through

6:15 – 7:00  Meet Rodrigo Nava, Stroll the Gallery, Wine and Cheese



Christopher Curtis | Deirdre Day | Dona Mara

Carolina Ellenbogen | Michael D Ellenbogen | Barrack Evans

Erika Lawlor-Schmidt | Dan Mosheim  | Elizabeth Nagle

Rodrigo Nava | Harry A. Rich | John Richey

Eva Schmidt | Julian Sheres | Harry Tabak

James Vogler | Michael L. Williams  

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