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Through different methods, I am exploring ways to create a magical atmosphere. From small drawings and collages to large canvases the artworks are like windows to another place and time where one encounters images both personal and universal. Using marks, drips, collage, printmaking and drawings the artworks represent an interpretation of my experiences. Each piece becomes a journey with its own life and language. My process is mostly intuitive, unplanned and free flowing. Eventually a dialogue develops with the work and a story unfolds.

Spring Series: “GO PLAY OUTSIDE”

Lately I have been thinking about the transitions between seasons. Usually so eager for spring to fully arrive I have been striving to observe the small quieter changes taking place during this time. 

I selected this group of works because in some way they all relate to these muffled less bold moments.

While abstract, the collection includes my interpretations of the busy birds and the empty nests waiting to see if their builders will return as well as that one early bird that wakes you. There is the hum of weddings approaching, the colors, ever so slowly brightening up and the slightly warmer air with still cool breezes.

AND the noisiest reminder of children playing outside again.


Elizabeth Nagle is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA degree. Nagle’s work is inspired by abstraction and the free spiritedness that goes with it. Concerned with color, gesture and composition her process is mostly intuitive, unplanned and free flowing. She works on multiple pieces at a time, adding, subtracting, doing and undoing, layering, covering and uncovering until eventually a dialogue develops with the work.

Her works are often grounded in narrative. They are inventive, mischievous, witty, pleasantly offbeat and often populated with weird and wonderful characters.

Intrigued by the psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia - the human tendency to visually make sense of patterns and random information. Nagle explains that Leonardo da Vinci wrote about this in his notebooks: "If you look at walls that are stained or made of different kinds of stones you can think you see in them certain picturesque views of mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, broad valleys, and hills of different shapes. You can also find in them battles and rapidly moving figures, strange faces and costumes, as well as an infinite number of things."

Nagle states: “We see images in clouds, rock formations, floors, ceilings, wood grain and a myriad of other places. When I paint I often start to see images evolving, at which point I make a decision as to whether to make them clear to the viewer or let them linger mysteriously.”.

artist resume



Bard College 

BFA San Francisco Art Institute


WATER WORKS: 2015, Swifty’s Restaurant, NYC. Curated by Elizabeth Katz and Patricia Attoe

IN OTHER WORLDS: 2015, Equinox Village, Southern Vermont Art Center

PAREIDOLIA: 2014, Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester Vermont

SOLOS 2013 – Westport Art Center (Juror Susan Cross, MASS MoCA)

9SOLOS – Carriage Barn Arts Center, 2013

Jurors Robbin Zella, Director, Housatonic Museum of Art and Lydia Viscardi, Director, Carriage Barn


  • SPECTRUM 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, Carriage Barn Arts Center, New Canaan, CT
  • Honorable Mention. Juror Gabriel de Guzman, Curator of Visual Arts at Wave Hill
  • Draw Here 1, 2 & 3 Deconstructed/Reconstructed Coloring Book – Honorable Mention Mixed Media
  • Juror Anne von Stuelnagel, exhibitions director, Bruce Museum
  • SPEECHLESS, Bruce S. Kershner Gallery, Fairfield Library
  • Juror, Fred Giampietro, Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, CT
  • Two Heads are Better Than One – Mary Elizabeth Peterson & Elizabeth Nagle, UCONN Stamford Art Gallery
  • CONN ARTISTS, ArtWalk 2013, Paterson Great Falls Mill District, Paterson, NJ, Curator Aleksandr Razin
  • ALTERNATIVE VISIONS: Abstract art, Rowayton Art Center – Winner 1st acrylic, Juror Joan Wheeler
  • LOCAL COLOR, DEFINING BOUNDARIES, Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Library – Winner of the Letty Militani Award (Juror Diana Kamin, Associate Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC)
  • THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Confident Expressions, 2012
  • General Electric’s 6th Annual Women’s History Month Exhibit, GE Corporate Headquarters, Fairfield. CT 

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