Artist Statement & Biography


Artist Statement

Schmidt utilizes “local ingredients” and works from the body to create durational sculpture installation. Her body becomes a measure for time and scale and also a fellow performer to the objects in her surroundings. These scenes exist between still life and happening as materials engage with one other - exercising a language of play and magical realism. The artist uses this practice to explore abstraction, vision and presence.

Notes on Bouquet:

Eva worked with improvisation, play and intuition to create the Bouquet series. She combined repurposed images from one of her pervious sketchbooks with newly painted forms to create each collage. To Schmidt, the experience echoed one of her favorite activities - picking wildflowers and arranging them just so, hence Bouquet!

Artist Biography

Eva is an artist working in the visual, performing and culinary art fields. Across these forms, her work explores themes of lifespan, vision and alchemy. Eva worked professionally in New York City for ten years as a visual, movement and culinary artist - collaborating with and working for artists such as Jeff Koons, Kota Yamazaki, Cori Olinghouse, Paul Matteson, Yoko Inoue, Divya Alter among others.

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Artist Residencies:

  • Mount Tremper Arts, NY
  • CAMAC Centre d’Art, France
  • The Watermill Center, NY
  • Guild Hall, NY

Eva is based in Vermont, and Santiago, Chile 

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