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Artist Statement

Twinning, a new immersive site-specific installation by John Richey brings together a collection of hand-drawn video animations and cyanotype prints produced using themes and images borrowed from various personal collections. Each work seeks to allow elements of chance and flexibility into a labor-intensive process that grapples with the transformative nature of information. By working back-and-forth between, and with different combinations of hand-made and digitally rendered elements, this new installation investigates the physical or conceptual glitches that occur in the spaces between the analogue and the digital. Each performance-based animation depicts a luminous grid pattern infinitely floating and falling into a limitless void. They, along with the vivid blue cyanotype works, speak to formal principles of line and pattern while at the same time addressing themes of light, space, and movement.

Artist Biography

Artsy. Art And Innovation – A Look inside the SPRING/BREAKs Collaboration with +POOL. by Erin Kim. March 2016

Art F City. ‘Survival Guide to the 2016 Armory Week Fairs’ by Michael Anthony & Rea McNamara. February 2016

Artfile. ROLL CALL : Highlights from SPRING/BREAK 2016. by AM DeBrincat & Johnny Thornton. March 2016

ARTFORUM International (Best of 2004). 'on the ground: Los Angeles' by Jan Tumlir. December 2004

scale journal. volume 1. issue 5. journal on arts, culture & technology. June 2004.

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