artists at the gallery

Rodrigo Nava

Sculptor in studio creating abstract art, mild steel, controlled explosion.

A Mexican/American Artist whose sculpture explores the relationship between material and process. His most recent series consists of large closed steel forms that are expanded using a controlled explosion. This unique proprietary process allows him to create non-representational sculptures that are the pure authentic result of the relationship between material, process, artists and viewer

Harry C. Tabak

Tabak’s recent artwork reflects his strong bond with nature. The series of works in this exhibition reflect several years of an obsession with grapevines and their very lyrical forms and movement. Initially, he says, "I composed compositions in what I call ‘conversations’ ".

Michael D Ellenbogen

"Ideas are the basis for my art. Without ideas, there would be no act, composition or meaning; there would be no art. Expression succeeds the ideas that are more than the sum of their elements.  When they are expressed well, they can become feelings or symbols, or, in time, both."

Barrack Evans

Barrack Evans is a graduate of Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Production Arts. He has studied photography at the International Center for Photography in New York City and the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA.

Erika Lawlor-Schmidt

"My work is shaped by the recognition and inquiry to cyclical tendencies, including the contemplation of life cycles: birth, death and rebirth or the possibility for reincarnation. I have been interested in this all my life."

Deirdre Day

In my work I employ old sources of information—be it news, eroticism, recipes, blue prints, encyclopedias—all remnants of a time when most of what we knew about the world came to us on paper. The process of curating these images into each individual piece seems similar to the dream-work of Freud, guided by my subconscious in dialog with the subconscious of history.

Harry Rich

In the studio I work on the margins of what I know about painting and paint, searching for the not known. Nonrepresentational and abstract painting, unfettered with literal images, on a good day may become a carrier of emotion and small joys.

Carolina Ellenbogen

 "Creating allows me to connect with myself and with others, to express what has meaning in my personal journey. Inspired by the ephemerality of life, my works are studies about endurance, patience, contemplation, awareness, introspection, forgiveness and acceptance." 

Dona Mara

 “My recent paintings are dealing with planes of space that convey implied places of interest, beauty and wonder. Often a painting begins as I glimpse a particular textural field through a screened or rainy window. A visceral desire to connect to nature, learning to change and flow through seasons with light, color, texture and form, guides my choices." 

Michael L. Williams

 Michael Williams, a native of Washington, moved to Vermont in 1972 and has lived and worked in South Dorset since 1985. "  

I view my job as an artist as a commitment to explore and extricate whatever unique vision my eyes afford by staying open to the intuition that allows the senses to lead, stimulate and challenge my perception."

Dan Mosheim

"I am inspired by the work of non-representational artists like Hans Hoffman, Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline, and others of that genre, and inspired by their direct approach to applying color and paint to canvas, boards, and paper. Painting is a new thing for me, we'll see where it goes ... " 

Elizabeth Nagle


Lately I have been thinking about the transitions between seasons, observing the small quieter changes taking place; busy birds and the empty nests waiting to see if their builders will return, the early bird that wakes me, the hum of approaching weddings, the brightening colors and the slightly warmer air with still cool breezes.

Eva Schmidt

Eva is an artist working in the visual, performing and culinary art fields. Across these forms, her work explores themes of lifespan, vision and alchemy.

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