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It’s always been fascinating to know that light is the natural agent that when reflected by the objects in our environment, it stimulates our sight and make shapes and forms visible, like the roundness of an apple or the sharpness of a knife.

But when light is projected on a plane it’s a special phenomenon to me. Seeing light projecting through a window on an empty wall or perhaps light twinkling intermittently on the ground under a tree are perhaps the most wonderful sights of all. It’s almost like light reveals itself before my very eyes, no more distracted by the shapes of the casted objects, only the gleam of light takes presence. Sometimes it sits there fading in and out, sometimes it shimmers tremulously, or it seems to fold in layers of overlapped planes of infinite dimensions.

Light reveals our environment, making colors and shapes visible. Nothing would be visible without it, yet we don’t see light by itself. But when light is projected on a flat surface, it seems to me like it reveals itself and exhibits qualities I find phenomenal - its transparency, its ephemerality, its tremble, sometimes, it even seems to fold. 

"When the Light Breaks into Pieces" is an exploration of one such perception and "When the Light Folds" is an exploration of another. Using a combination of glazing, scumbling and washings of oils allows me to depict the transparency of light itself and how it reveals layers and layers of dimensions.


Carolina Ellenbogen is an Artist and an Architect born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, in 1981. Growing up in a family who loves arts & crafts, Carolina learned how to draw and create with her hands at a very young age. Beginning in her early 20s, she started painting and having exhibitions. In 2006, she won a competition in Zulia State for Young Artist at MACZUL, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo del Zulia. In 2011, she moved to Vermont. In the transition period, as she was settling into a new life, she took a break from painting. In 2015, she started producing a new body of work that conveys the feeling of transformation that she experienced, beginning a new chapter in life in a new homeland. She is married to another artist and producer Michael D Ellenbogen and they currently live and work in Manchester Center, Vermont, where they started Ellenbogen Gallery (formerly stART Space) to create a space for artists with different backgrounds, from emerging to accomplished, with a focus on non-representational art.


artist resume



Diploma and License of Architecture 2010

Architecture License Received following presentation of thesis project upon completion of program of architecture at La Universidad del Zulia. Received 20/20 on thesis project from the panel of judges.


Awarded second place prize in “II Regional Chamber of Jovenes Artistas at MACZUL” Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia. Maracaibo, Venezuela.


(2020)  Mystic Cafe & Wine Bar, Manchester Ctr, VT; three paintings from "When the Light Breaks Into Pieces" series

(2017-2020) Ellenbogen Gallery (formerly know as stART Space), Manchester Ctr, VT

(2015)  Art in Wonderland, Manchester Community Library, Manchester Ctr, VT

(2015)  Solo Room, TED Restaurant. Manchester Ctr, VT

(2012)  Artists Show, Londonderry Historical Society. Londonderry, VT 

MACZUL - Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia. Maracaibo, Venezuela 2004-2010

(2010) “Magna Subasta por Amor al Aula”, (2007) “El Arte en el Football”, (2006) “X Arte Unido”, (2006) “II Regional Chamber of Jovenes Artistas at MACZUL”, (2005) “VIII Arte Unido”, (2005) “VII Arte Unido”, (2004) “IV Arte Unido”, (2004) “V Arte Unido”

Exhibition of Artists supporting Fundacion Jose Felix Ribas 2004-2006

Exhibitions held to benefit the successful rehab facility at various venues each year including CEVAZ Gallery and Bancomara in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

“Velada de Santa Lucia” Boulevard Santa Lucia, Maracaibo, Venezuela. 2003-2007

Santa Lucía is one of the most popular neighborhoods of modern-day Maracaibo, Venezuela, which, since 2001, acts as a meeting point for artists, away from the museum context, using spaces of every-day life adapted to exhibit contemporary art.

Alliance Française de Maracaibo. Maracaibo, Venezuela 2004-2005

(2005) “Animatheque du Fauvism”; (2004) “Trance / formance" First week of emerging artists”


“Maracaibo 2005” Centro de Bellas Artes de Maracaibo. Maracaibo, Venezuela. 2005

“Expo” Ateneo de Valera. Valera, Venezuela. 2005

“The current art Zulia” at Gallery Sinf. Aruba. 2004

SOLO “Exhibition” at Cafe la Llovizna. 2003

“20 to 40” at Salon de pequeño formato Armando Reveron at Universidad Catolica Cecilio Acosta. Maracaibo, Venezuela.  2003

“Cuatro puntos” at Centro de Arte Alejandro Otero, Universidad Nacional Experimental de Guayana. Bolivar, Venezuela. 2003

“Exhibition” at Teatro Baralt. Maracaibo, Venezuela. 2003

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