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Artist Statement


I was born in Stowe, Vermont, in 1951.  Like many artists, I dabbled in various media, mostly three-dimensional.  In college at the University of Vermont, I cut my first stone under the instruction of Paul Aschenbach.  I’ve been sculpting stone ever since.  My partner, Tari Swenson, and I have collaborated on designs that have been carried by the Guggenheim Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum and The National Geographic Society.  My current work is primarily in stone, although I frequently employ stainless steel.  I enjoy using natural boulders as carving material.  My interest in the raw stone includes not only material, but shape.  I often view a stone as object, not just material.  That makes the discovery, selection and recovery of the stone an important and enjoyable part of my work.  I like using water as a sculptural element.  Although my work has sometimes been characterized as geometric, I see it as generally organic.

I continue to make sculpture for private collectors, commercial projects, memorials and public display.

Artist Biography


Much of my work address environmental issues, which are increasingly entwined with social and political policy.  My hope is that these sculptures not only promote awareness and appreciation of the natural environment, but encourage reflection about how to best manage, preserve and use our shared global resources.


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I am interested in Christophers's sculptures.

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