Artist Statement & Biography


Artist Statement

"I have been a full time custom furniture maker for the past 38 years. Over the last few years, I have become interested in brighter colors and less traditional forms that somehow don't easily lend themselves to furniture design. That interest first led me to pottery, but my main interest in pottery seemed to be the application of color. I was making pottery, but i was really making little paintings.

I am inspired by the work of non-representational artists like Hans Hoffman, Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline, and others of that genre, and inspired by their direct approach to applying color and paint to canvas, boards, and paper. Painting is a new thing for me, and we'll see where it goes ..."


artist resume

  • Born 1947. Graduated Penn State University 1969. Flirted briefly (9/1/70 to 12/1/70), with a coat and tie career in sales. Spent two years traveling and working as a waiter and bartender ... Fort Lauderdale, Key Largo, Washington DC, Montauk, San Francisco, Palm Springs, New Orleans, and Europe ... I arrived in Arlington to visit my sister and work as a bartender at The Roundhouse, (now the Eagles), a job she had gotten me before I arrived by plane and bus on 7/6/71. I had no car, and everything I was traveling with I could pick up in one hand in one hand.
  • 1971/1979 ... Worked at the Roundhouse and the Sirloin Saloon, met my wife Kit, married, bought land in Arlington, built a house and shop, worked as a carpenter through 1979.
  • 1/1/1980 ... Started to build custom furniture full time.
  • 7/10/82 ... Our first son, Sam, a metalworker today, born. Second son, Will, a luthier today, was born
  • 7/23/84 ... First employee shortly after that.
  • 1996-2000 We moved to Dorset, built a new shop, lived there until we sold our house in Arlington, built a new house, stepped up to four full time employees.
  • 2018 I am still building furniture, dabbling at painting, pottery, golf, and paddle tennis. 

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