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Collage allows the opening up of conscious, which is very direct…it’s also a way of looking at what you are consuming all the time” – John Stezaker

Collage “intervenes in a world, not to reflect but to change reality” Gregory L. Ulmer

In my work I employ old sources of information—be it news, eroticism, recipes, blue prints, encyclopedias—all remnants of a time when most of what we knew about the world came to us on paper. Whether it is American Rifleman or Parents magazine, pin up girls or the Sears catalog, all of these fragments combined give us a lens through which to view the world. The process of curating these images into each individual piece (making a whole out of fragments) seems to me similar to the dream-work of Freud, guided more by my subconscious in dialog with the subconscious of history.


Deirdre Day spent her childhood -- first in England and later in Rochester, NY -- in her room making pictures and writing stories. Later at Brown University, she majored in Semiotics with the emphasis on poetry and painting but drifted gradually towards writing. As a copywriter in NYC and then an academic and a writer, she surrounded herself with books and words.

But, the words kept morphing into pictures and the books kept becoming the material for art rather than for abstract thought.

Obsessed with the archaeology of dead knowledge, she gathered encyclopedia and old magazines, splicing them into dramatic visual representations of a past that shapes the present. Like the cinematic idea of ‘suture’ the collage bridges disparity and creates a narrative.

She moved to the Rosendale NY in 2013 and has since been filling her attic with old paper and working on her illustrated memoir, “The Book of Martyrs.”.

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  • BA- Semiotics, Brown University, focused on studio art and poetry
  • MA- Writing, New York University
  • Ph.D, City University of New York, English/Women’s Studies

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