Artist Statement & Biography



Born 1979 in Fort Edward, NY. At the age of six Dublin started a private apprenticeship under a formally trained Ukrainian watercolor artist. During her teen years and through college, she worked as a scenic painter fabricating some

of the most recognized theatrical backdrops on and off Broadway and beyond.

She graduated from Pratt Institute with a double degree focused on Fine Art,

painting and print. Dublin’s artwork can be found in public and private collections internationally. She lives with her husband in Danby, Vermont.

Artist Statement

My paintings are inspired by nature, snippets of conversations, extrasensory perceptions, social untruths and mythology, the play of light and color, feminism, love and loss, metamorphosis, and how all these things mix in in a contemporary world. I have spent 20+ years developing a visual language. My art is my means for expressing thoughts and feelings where words fail me... And is a very personally driven visual dialog between the tangible and intangible. I believe we live in a world right now where slowing down to admire something beautiful or listening to our own inner voice is often overlooked or displaced by distraction. There is enough art and artists out there making political statements and jockeying for viral attention. My work is intended to be a respite from the fray.


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