While photographing my subject, I compose the image in the viewfinder, then deconstruct the image by manipulating the camera body, the lens’ focus, the shutter speed and the exposure. I am left with the shapes of color in varying light, blur and shadow. This is all done in camera before the shutter opens, so the non-mimetic artwork captured is the original and the only image of that moment. Realism gives way to interpretation.

Primary or Secondary (Three): $1,275

Primary + Secondary (Six): $2,280 

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Ideas are the basis for my art. Without ideas, there would be no act, composition or meaning; there would be no art. Expression succeeds the ideas that are more than the sum of their elements. When they are expressed well, they can become feelings or symbols, or, in time, both.

Everything that is constructed has a purpose and everything that can be seen has meaning. The thing that is constructed may reveal the purpose, but it does not reveal the method, the eye may reveal the scene, but it does not reveal the meaning. Method and meaning are the essence of all ideas, of all art.

My new photography show, PRIMARY-SECONDARY is about color, more than form, and composition over recognition. Everything provokes thought: a color, a shadow, a ray of light... all these elements have shape and energy... these are the elements of my art that, on a good day, will cause you to feel something, or recognize a subconscious symbol.


Michael D Ellenbogen has been living in Manchester Vermont since 2008. Born in New York City in the 60s, he grew up outside Albany, NY, went to college at the University of Vermont in Burlington, returned to New York City for 18 years, before moving to Manchester. In college he studied English Literature, Art, and Film Theory and Production. He is currently producing a documentary feature, IT HAPPENED OVER LUNCH, about the history of The Four Seasons Restaurant’s 57 years in the iconic Seagram Building and developing several feature film projects. Michael continues to produce photographic works and is expanding his mixed-media show ESSENTIALS with new pieces. He is married to another artist, Carolina Ellenbogen and together they run the Village Picture Shows Cinema and have started stART Space to create a space for artists with different backgrounds, from emerging to accomplished, with a focus on abstractions.

Ellenbogen's first feature film production, Ilya Chaiken's Margarita Happy Hour, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is currently available on DVD. It is a highly praised independent film.

He has programmed, produced, and juried film festivals since 1993 including the Brazilian Film Festival in Miami, the Florida Film Festival, the Woodstock Film Festival, Ashdod International Film Festival (Israel), Manchester International Film Festival (VT), Gen Art Film Festival, and the Shorts International Film Festival. 


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University of Vermont

2010 COLORFIELD, Manchester, VT

Private Collections in Sweden, Australia, China, New York City, Massachusetts, Florida and Vermont

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