Artist Statement & Biography


Artist Statement

I view my job as an artist as a commitment to explore and extricate whatever unique vision my eyes afford by staying open to the intuition that allows the senses to lead, stimulate and challenge my perception.

Artist Biography

Michael Williams, a native of Washington, moved to Vermont in 1972 and has lived and worked in South Dorset since 1985.


Williams studied extensively over a ten-year period at several prestigious art schools such as the Corcoran School of Fine Art, Washington, D.C.; the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and St. Martin’s School of Fine Art in London, England. 

While working briefly for Anthony Caro, before leaving St. Martin’s and England, Caro suggested that he look at Bennington, Vermont as it was a focal point of formalist painting and sculpture.

For two years in the early 70’s, Williams was the sculpture teaching assistant at Bennington College. He was Studio Assistant to Kenneth Noland and later developed a database of Noland’s work. He also fabricated sculptures for Isaac Witkin, Brower Hatcher, James Wolfe, Willard Boepple, Kenneth Noland, Jules Olitski and Wendy Lehman.


artist resume

William's formal training was in sculpture, however, as his work became more and more color dominated, he began to paint exclusively in the mid 70’s. Williams began experimenting with photographic and painting software programs in the mid-1990's, employing similar techniques he used on canvas. Subsequently, Williams transitioned to the computer-generated art form.

Says Williams, “It allows you to experiment, editing freely in ways never before possible, and watch a work through its evolution. In this process I consistently find myself in places I could never have imagined. More importantly, though, is that it's always very exciting.”

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